Work Team

All the people that join our team, collaborators, workers and professionals associated with the development of BOWines have had a great importance in the process of growth and continuous improvement, to a large extent because we recognize ourselves as perfectionists, we like to reach the limit and from that experience to improve after each achievement on a constant basis.

Among the various and different areas of competence that require the development of an undertaking of this kind, we have to mention and highlight the participation of Alvin Miranda, Christian Gwynne and the brothers Miguel and Gustavo Montenegro.

Winemaker / Partner

Alvin Miranda

With a recognized experience as a winemaker in different markets in Latin America and Europe, he has integrated this knowledge and managed to print a seal of recognized quality, with respect to the criteria and results of the  wines produced by our company.


Christian Gwynne

With a broad knowledge in the agri-food industry and together with a team of experts, he has managed from the operational management, to expand the necessity to solveand improve at different stages of the process of making our best wines.


Gustavo Montenegro / Miguel Montenegro

Successful in the business of exporting fresh fruit, the Montenegro family contributes in the production of quality wine grapes and in the strategic and commercial projection for the development of BOWines in the future.

Verses about Wine

Wine has a power, a strength
that admires and baffles
that transmutes the snow into fire
and fire turns into stone

Nicanor Parra

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