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BOWines arises in 2012, by the desire to develop and state the interest and the passion for wine through the search of varieties of grapes and also the areas that allow us the chance to produce current and contemporary wines with strong personality and great quality.
BOWines has not only respect but a deep and unconditional commitment to nature as well, developing a viticulture that achieves the maintenance and sustainability of the different chilean terroir.

BowinesOur Wines

FiLLO Carignan

  • Fillo means Son in Aragon, native land of the variety Cariñena or CarignanThe first strains of Carignan that were planted here in Chile and the virtue of a unique terroir, give rise to Fillo, a wine created with affection, attachment and respect to nature which is expressed with character, personality and uniqueness in each bottle. This restless, cheerful and naughty "son", which tastes fresh, fruity and with a balanced and sweet flavor in the mouth, comes from Carignan vineyards with more than 70 years of existence, located in "El Peumal', a small terroir of the dry land in the Maule Valley.

FiLLO Cabernet Sauvignon

  • Prepared with a selected variety of grapes grown in a small terroir in the town of Requinoa, located in Alto Cachapoal. This vineyard,with more than 35 years of age, is worked with great care and dedication by Gustavo Montenegro, winemaker and one of the partners of BOWines. This cabernet is a faithful reflection of the spirit of FiLLo, a wine that expresses and represents the terroir with freshness, fruit and elegance.

FiLLO Malbec

  • It comes from a small vineyard in the Colchagua Valley, specifically from the comuna of Lolol. A unique terroir located at 40 kilometers from the coast. The unique viticultural conditions of the area, added to a delicate winemaking work, has allowed us to expand our line of high-quality fillo wine with freshness, expression of origin and a deep respect for fruit and nature.

Malcriado Blend

  • It is the mixture of a wine selection that is born from our exceptional Carignan from the MauleValley and a Cabernet Sauvignon from Alto Cachapoal, which stands out for its freshness and fruit quality. This unique Blend, aged for 12 months in the best french barrels, shows its freshness, softness and elegance with outstanding touches of strawberries and ripe cherries. Enjoy its spoilt spirit.
  • “There is always a spoilt child. Some people call him Naughty, for us however, it is the reflection of a restless, rebellious and passionate personality."

Carae Carignan

  • It is the result of a mixture made in our best french barrels, which for a period of 18 months developed the aging of our Carignan. The grape harvest comes from vineyards of more than 70 years old, located in The Peumal, a small terroir of a dry land in the Maule Valley.
  • Carae expresses its aging through an exquisite, delicate and complex " bouquet ", where we can appreciate the fruit, the expression of variety and the terroir together with nuances of aging in perfect harmony and balance. When in mouth, it feels fresh and soft, with an ending that makes us remind the grape background.
  • Cariñena or Carignan strain got its name from a pre roman settlement known as Carae. The image used on the label belongs to the sculptor, Andrés Galaz.

Good Old Wine

  • Our Cabernet Sauvignon is made of the best grape harvest produced in a small terroir in Requinoa, a town located in Alto Cachapoal. This vineyard of more than 35 years old, is worked by Gustavo Montenegro, wine grower and partner of BOWines. After a careful process of fermentation in small steel tanks, this wine is aged for 2 years in french oak barrels.
  • The good old wine is a product blessed with an intense but elegant bouquet with a fresh, fruity and persistent scent on the palate, which manages to combine the varietal expression with the bouquet that just aging in oak barrels gives.

Good Old Blend

  • This wine is a unique Blend that mixes three varieties and three different terroirs. It is made up of 75% Carménère from Pichidegua, 15% Carignan from Loncomilla and 10% Cabernet Sauvignon from Requínoa. After a special selection of grapes in the field and in the cellar, it was fermented in small steel tanks, to finish with an aging of 2 and a half years in French barrels.
  • The Good Old Blend is a wine that shows in its aromas all the elegance of a long aging in barrels, where ripe plums, tobacco and spices stand out; On the palate, it invites us to enjoy its freshness with a sweet entry, with enveloping tannins and a pleasant finish.

Taste and ExperienceOur Vineyards

For BOWines, wines must be a reflection of nature, an expression of a unique moment that combines terroir, knowledge and creation with the clear aim of obtaining the highest quality wine.

We are active members of MOVI the Chilean Independent Winemakers Movement.

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