About Us

01Our Passion

We produce high quality wines with a sense of respect and a sense of origin.
” Wine must be an expression of the vineyard and  its environment. “

02Our Commitment

We are producers on a human scale, that means we participate actively from the growing of the grapes to the bottling of our wines.
We take care and protect the natural resources, we care about the environment and the preservation of patrimonial vineyards.
BOWines is concious about the fact that wine production must be a manifestation of culture and a way of expression of human beings, so our company keeps a particular commitment to support the cultural promotion and development of all kind of artistic manifestation and performance.

03Our Strength

Along with the experience of the winemaker Alvin Miranda, there is a world-class working group,  /  there is a top-rated working group, led by BOWines partners who together with the collaborators, professionals and artists, end up completing the productive and commercial process of our wines.

Abous UsPartners, Associates, Artists and Professionals

“We are a company connected with nature and people by means of wine and art. We have just launched a blank book which will be written by the grape harvest, the fermentation process /   the winemaking process and when uncorking   our bottles, with each word, conversation and feeling represented in music and art, we can feel and live the experience that gives an excellent   and high standard product.

Our work team is joined by a restless and   concerned spirit, which motivates them to  undertake and manage with new challenges and through this attitude, they are willing to show  their creativity and personality  /  character.”

Wine Poem

After the gentle swell of the hills in winter
the angel of wine watches over the sleeping
of the green cribs of the grapewines

that wind rocks
and when enclosing them underground
fills the cup that we will raise at the party
and it joins to ours

Jorge Tellier

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